Sportlink Grand Prix Series

The Sportlink Running & Fitness Grand Prix Series is a series of established road races at a variety of distances across the county of Norfolk.

We thank Neil Featherby at Sportlink for his generous support which secures the Grand Prix Series to the end of the 2020 season.

Here are the twelve races selected to form the Grand Prix Series in 2019:

Anyone can take part in the Grand Prix Series; members of clubs affiliated to Athletics Norfolk, members of clubs not affiliated to Athletics Norfolk, unattached runners - all are welcome. You don't even need to live in Norfolk - just enter the Grand Prix races in the normal way and then look out for your name in the Series standings ... 

All ages are taken as at 31 December 2019 with masters in five year age groups from 40 to 65+.

At every Grand Prix race the winner in each age group scores 100 GP points, second place scores 99 GP points and so on.

The final standings will aggregate your best seven performances from any of the twelve Grand Prix races in this year's Series.

If you don't manage to complete the minimum of seven races you will still count in the final standings but clearly it's a good idea to do as many as possible.

At the end of each season the Series awards will be presented at the Night of Celebrations when the Norfolk Road Runners of the Year and the winners of the Norfolk Postal Marathon will also be announced.

The Grand Prix Series administrator for 2019 is Pat Brightman - please click here to send her an email. 

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